Understanding new consumer trends in Turkey through coffee production and consumption in Mardin

  • Cengiz Alim Koray Hatay Mustafa Kemal University
Keywords: specialty coffee, Mardin, food consumption, tradition, popular culture


Coffee which helps us to learn about the cultural practices of a society, is an important consumption commodity not only in Turkey but also in the world. In this study, various specialty coffees produced by coffee producers in Artuklu, the historical district of Mardin, the rapid change of cafes and the purchasing practices of consumers have been examined. Ethnographic interviews have also been conducted with coffee producers, cafe owners and consumers. Coffee producers produce various coffees such as Turkish, Assyrian, Kurdish, Dibek and cardamom reflecting the multicultural structure of the city. Cafe owners and producers use expressions and images that emulate antiquity in their brands and logos. The cafes as “third place” become flamboyant spacious spaces leaving their traditional appearance. The consumption of new products by visitors of Mardin, an important place for domestic tourists, indicates a new class that seeks pleasure and experience in Turkey.