Škerlj's Stoutness Index in Young Males in East Africa

  • Ewa Rébacz Department of Anthropology, University of Szczecin
Keywords: East Africa, Škerlj's Index, African people, morphological structure


The research material in this study was male youth in Kenya (n=423), Tanzania (n=153) and the Sudan (n=154). The survey was carried out in 2000 boarding schools, where students were fed and their time was fully organized for them. These vocational schools, where students learned their professions of tailor, a joiner, a bricklayer, a car mechanic, a locksmith, a welder and an electrician provided all the students with accommodation and dormitories. The people examined were in the chronological age of between 18 and 30. The calculated Škerlj's index allows for determining the body stoutness among young men. This study took advantage of people from several different nations and tribes. In all the groups analyzed the dominant levels of stoutness are "average" and "thin."