Globalisation and Anthropology

  • Janez Juhant University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Keywords: anthropology, globalisation, postmodernism, religion, Christianity, person, justice, solidarity, subsidiarity


The globalisation of the modern world has been so far oriented primarily towards the economy. Postmodernism as a claim for the possibilities of an individual implies the local and the personal and asks for interpersonal dialogue among the partners. The incidents in the USA, on 11th September, 2001, show us how complicated the process of the critical dialogue between different partners can be. Critical dialogue has become a worldwide necessity if we wish to preserve the mankind. Postmodernism orientates us to transcend the one-dimensional imperialistic globalisation and especially to consider the problems of those who suffer or are in need, as John Rawls shows us in his theory of justice. This strategy requires from all the partners to respect every single man as a person, solidarity and subsidiarity: we have to work locally and we should be oriented globally.